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The New Frontier Of Raising Capital


YES You Can!

Let me introduce myself, I am your Success Mascot. I am here to help you and motivate you to achieve your personal crowdfunding objectives. I love Crowdfunding Guaranteed!, how about you? You need to determine what you want to get out of this relationship. What are your dreams for which you are needing funding? Do your friends and family or business associates have a dream for a project that needs funding, as well? Watch the video above and read the content below to learn how to accomplish your goals…


Totally Automated...Really

We have a totally automated system. Every contribution and distribution is automatic and in Real-Time. This allows you to focus on just one thing, share this great platform with as many of your peers as possible. First, you make a one-time out of pocket platform fee of $29 USD. You receive a “Success Target” for Tier 1. You also become a “Silver” Contributor. How? As a true cooperative, we give you a patronage refund of $25 USD to help you get started. We then make your first two contributions for you. Guess how...correct: “automatically!”


You Start Sharing Your Website

Your first two enrollees go on your inner ring. That is unless someone who came in before you creates spillover into your Success Target. Assuming you enrolled #1 and #2 you need to help them do the same. As a Silver Contributor you receive a contribution of $12.50 USD from each regardless of whomever enrolled them. This is because we are a registered cooperative making all of us an owner/member. We are working together for each others success.


Go Team Go!

Let’s say #1 enrolls their first two just as you had done. This creates two filled positions on your Success Target’s outer ring and you receive a contribution of $12.50 USD from each them, as well. However, if you are sharing our platform with more than just a few peers, these members can land on your outer ring. In that case you have created spillover for those on your inner ring.


You Were Told, “Yes You Can” and You Did

With a full Success Target our automated system uses $25 USD from your internal Wallet and re-enters you into your next Tier 1 Success Target. This provides a place for new members you enroll and for those team members who are re-entered into your new Tier 1 Success Target. This process happens over and over again as long as we just keep telling our peers about our success with this great crowdfunding platform. This example for Tier 1 is exactly how all the upper Tiers work, except the contributions you receive are doubled every Tier.


Going To The Next Tier

Great! You are on your way. Currently, there are five available Tiers. You can go to the next Tier simply by making a contribution at that level. However, you may not skip a Tier, but you can opt to make a contribution on any number of Tiers from your pocket. The good news is that you do not need to make the next Tier contribution out of your pocket! We have an Automatic Upgrade option. All you need to do is turn it on. You can receive contributions from all the Tiers you are in simultaneously without any time or amount limits!


How Much Can You Raise?

We do not know, but what we do know is that it is much easier to raise the funds you need for your projects with Crowdfunding Guaranteed! One thing is for certain; you will never know unless you try. For this much potential you can pay a one-time out of pocket fee of $29 USD, right? It all begins with your belief and willingness to share...